How to figure out diaper fit

You have a question about diaper fit and we have just the answer!

Some helpful hints when it comes to the “fit” of your baby’s diaper:

  • The placement of the diaper might need to be adjusted to mend the issue. Something as simple as adjusting the rise will help.
  • If the leaking is coming out the top of the diaper make sure the insert is not pushing the lining up and allowing it to touch clothing.
  • Make sure the insert is fully placed inside the pocket with no space.
  • Make sure the top of the diaper lays flat against the tummy.
  • If you have a little boy make sure he is “aimed” or “adjusted” if not he can direct pee to front or the sides of the diaper.

Your baby will be comfy, cosy and secure every time.

For more information on how to use our All in One diaper, visit out Tutorial page!