How do I wash my cloth diapers

Simple and easy wash routine for cloth diapers!

Here are the ever-so-simple wash steps:

  1. Remove solids.
  2. Put wet and soiled diapers into dry diaper pail or wet bag until ready to wash.
  3. Cold pre-rinse.
  4. Warm/Hot with very little zero-residue detergent. The maximum washing temperature is 95 degree F or 35 degree C.
  5. Extra rinse (if needed).
  6. Tumble dry, lay flat or line dry.

No bleach, No vinegar, No fabric softeners, No rash cream, No wet pails, or dry cleaning. Please avoid using any of the above mentioned products because it will nullify your warranty and decrease product durability.

No mess, No fuss! Washing cloth diapers is as easy as 1-2-3!