What do I need to get started

Your Urban Baby Boutique team put together this helpful list of all the things you will need to get started!

Generally newborn babies will go through 10-12 diaper changes a day, whereas toddlers may go through up to 8-10 in that same time frame. Here is a checklist that will be a helpful tool of reference when considering how many cloth diapers you would like to start with.

Checklist for Getting Started:

  • 24-36 – Cloth diapers (newborn baby), 18-24 for a baby over 8 months old.
  • 2-3 – Extra inserts that will be used as doublers for naps and overnight.
  • 2 – Diaper wet bags for storing soiled diapers until they are ready to wash.

The nice thing about starting with AIO’s is that they are very easy to use. Unlike other diapers on the market our AIO’s only require a few accessories and are inexpensive.

We at Urban Baby Boutique want you to KEEP IT SIMPLE!