Why do diapers leak

What are some of the reasons or causes of leaky diapers?

Leaky diapers are frustrating but it’s important to figure out why this is happening. Common causes for leaks are:

    1. Absorbency

  • It might be that the inserts need to be replaced. Overtime inserts will just lose their ability to work and they will need to be replaced.
  • Babies “wetness” might require the right insert combination. You might need to “double up” on the inserts to increase the absorbency.
    2. Infrequent diaper changes

  • Cloth diapers, like disposable diapers, should be changed often-usually every 2-3 hours. May vary depending on baby wetness.
  • This will prevent the growth of bacteria, skin irritation, rash, smell etc.
    3. Residue/Detergent build up

  • Over time, your diapers may begin to repel liquid for a variety of reasons, ranging from detergent buildup, fabric softeners, diaper creams etc. This may require stripping.

Knowing the cause will help the cure.

Remember, have patience, this will come with some trial and error.