Tutorial – How to use our Diapers

Cloth Diapers have come a long way in advancements. Our OS (one size) cloth diapers are the closest thing to disposables but with all the benefits that disposables lack. Our OS cloth diapers are very economical on your wallet, great for Mother Earth, and easy to use.

 Our OS cloth diapers are a one size fits all (newborn to potty training) pocket diaper. These diapers have a TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) fabric outer shell, which makes the diaper waterproof, flexible and easy to use. The inside of the diaper (which is lined with 100% Bamboo, has a pocket in which you place the insert, and then snap it onto your baby. This pocket is very efficient as it allows you to stuff the diaper with as much absorbency that is needed to keep your little one dry – you can add multiple inserts for naps, overnight or long trips.

1. Lay diaper flat and adjust snaps to fit your baby

2. Stuff the pocket with insert, double up if baby is a heavy wetter, napping or for overnight

3. Lay disposable liner on top (if used)

4. Lay baby on the diaper

5. Take the side flaps and pull the diaper around your baby and snap into place