Wash 101

Caring for your Urban Baby Boutique cloth diapers is very simple and easy to do! We recommend you start with a simple routine as mentioned below:


Please use a zero-residue detergent when washing your diapers.

Before you start using your diaper:

Wash cloth diapers several times in warm water with a small amount of zero-residue detergent to enhance its absorbency. There can be residue left on the fabric from the production process that can cause leakage. Please note that detergent must be completely dissolved for optimal results.

Remember if your diaper is a dark colour; wash with like colours in cold water 2-3 times before use. This helps to retain the color from bleeding.

Removing Solids:

Simply remove insert(s) from the pocket and whether you choose to swish, shake, or spray, remove as much solid matter as possible and dispose of this in the toilet along with our biodegradable flushable liners. Rinse thoroughly to avoid stains and odour development; sometimes referred to as a mini-wash. Do not immerse in water prior to storage.


Used diapers should be stored in a wet bag. Other brands recommend storing diapers in a wet pail but Urban Baby Boutique does not recommend this system of storing because we have found that it can lead to mould issues and cause faster wear and tear of the elastic on diapers. Please wash your cloth diapers every 2-3 days.

Do not wait more than 3 days to wash your diapers. For best result wash cloth diapers every 2-3 days to prevent bacteria from forming which will cause diapers to smell.

On laundry day:

Unfold and unbutton cloth diapers before washing for optimal cleaning results. Make sure to remove absorbent inserts from pocket.

We recommend that you run a cold-water rinse on a short-cycle with no detergent which helps reduce the chances of any stains from setting.

Normal wash is to be done using a warm water setting; preferably (95ºF or 35ºC) and by adding ½ the amount of zero-residue detergent. We suggest two tablespoons for front loaders and three to four tablespoons for top loaders. Decrease your detergent amount if you experience build-up and repelling and increase your detergent amount if you notice an ammonia smell in the diapers.

The maximum washing temperature should be 95ºF or 35ºC

If the diapers are really soiled or smelly, we suggest having the diapers go through an extra normal/regular wash on warm to kill all germs and to sterilize. This can be done with or without detergent.

It has been said that doing a warm wash and a Cold rinse is also acceptable. If you have a wet bag or insert in the load, take it out before the final rinse, as it can hold water and prevent everything from rinsing completely.


Put everything (OS cloth diapers, wet bags and inserts) in the dryer for 30-40 minutes. Please note that this may vary depending on the type of machine you have. You may wish to run a shorter dryer cycle, remove wet bags (since they will dry quickly) and then continue to dry everything else longer. Line-dry is an alternative.


Even though line-drying can be a natural stain removing method, we do not recommend hanging your diapers in direct sunlight and on high UV days. Other dry heat source, like radiators will prematurely dry out the TPU cover, can lead to melted laminate, and shorten the life of your diapers.

The diaper has an elastic band at the leg opening, if it is hung dry, the weight of the diaper may stretch and pull it down. You’ll eventually lose the elasticity and cause leaking. We recommend only hanging the diapers for a short period of time to extend diaper elasticity.

Never use a fabric softener of any sort on your diapers as this will cause your diapers to repel all liquids and decrease absorption capacity. In general, please avoid using any type of dryer sheets when doing cloth diaper laundry. Freshly washed diapers should have no smell which is a clear indicator that they are clean. If there is an odour then rewash.

For best results please use a zero-residue detergent.

Please avoid the following:

  • Bleach
  • Stain guard ingredients
  • UV brighteners
  • Fabric softeners
  • Natural oils
  • Dyes
  • Perfumes
  • Enzymes (cause rashes on babies)
  • Vinegar and/or baking soda

Diaper Rash Cream:

Please note that diaper rash cream(s) should not be used with Urban Baby Boutique OS cloth diapers. The Warranty will not be honoured if it is found to have come into contact with Urban Baby Boutique OS cloth diapers.

However, if rash cream(s) are required for treatment by your physician then we suggest you use our biodegradable liners between your baby’s tushie and the cloth diaper. This is to prevent the rash cream from making contact with the cloth diaper.

Most diaper rash creams are not safe for cloth diapers because they consist of water-resistant substances which create a barrier on the inner material, creating build-up resulting in damage, and causing the cloth diaper to repel instead of absorbing moisture. Rash creams can also cause stains on the diapers and give off odour’s.


Please note: Washing machine, water, and climate differ from family to family that is why we recommend trying variations to figure out what works best for you. Please follow care instructions carefully. If you do not wash our products correctly, they will not be clean; as an example, urine crystals can form and bacteria can fester if our products are not cleaned properly, which can contribute to diaper rash and odour.